A new book by Zbigniew Kadłubek – Vulnerable Thoughts: Essays and Other Writings on Upper Silesia

The University of Silesia Press has published Zbigniew Kadłubek’s book Vulnerable Thoughts: Essays and Other Writings on Upper Silesia. It is a collection of over thirty Silesiological texts which deal with Kadłubek’s not infrequently utopian (in a positive sense: eu+topos as a good place) and ecstatic visions of his native region. The collection abounds in references to the past, Upper Silesia’s history and its contemporary culture; moreover, the essays engage in dialogue with the Other and the Outsider. Invariably in Kadłubek’s writings, classical antiquity remains a powerful point of reference: it is there that he seeks the genealogical sources for the contemporary Silesian genius loci.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s website: http://wydawnictwo.us.edu.pl/node/13773

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