Karolina Pospiszil’s book – Folksiness and Loss: Representations of Upper Silesia in Polish and Czech Literature After 1989 – has just been published

This book is a perfect illustration of sensitivity to minor cultures, regionalism, to the categories of the periphery, the borderland, rupture, multiculturalism, coexistence of various religions and, last but not least, to the difficulties with defining one’s own linguistic and national identity. Notwithstanding its title this book is not exclusively concerned with literary issues. The first two chapters include a thorough, insightful and engaging discussion of Silesia’s culture and history or, rather, its cultures and histories in the plural, which Karolina Pospiszil is quite emphatic about by taking into account what she calls the region’s multiple imagined chronotopes. The final chapter offers a more detailed interpretation of literary works published after 1989; however the cultural, social and political contexts are of paramount significance there, too.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s website: http://wydawnictwo.us.edu.pl/node/13573

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